Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tripe Pickers Time Travel

Monday, again

Monday, again.
How come it's always the start of the week?
No, wait a minute. Problems with the digital transgference wave-ride chronometer.
My mistake. It's Sunday.
Oh, well, at least the two days rhyme. If it was Thursday, I'd be really confused.
What I don't understand is that 'Sunday' seems to be named after the sun, but if Monday is named after the moon, then why isn't it called 'Moonday'?
We wouldn't have half so many problems. Can you imagine Bob Geldof singing "I don't like Moondays"??
It's not the same.
Meanwhile, it's been a busy week out in cyberland.
The wires of the internet have been humming with traffic. I've had two visitors to my new web site this week, one on Weds and one on Fri, and the problem is I think it's only me!
How come all these promotional tools promise you traffic, but it doesn't arrive?
I'm talking about
I've just installed one of my old SF novels from the '80s. (If you're old enough to remember 'Tripe Pickers' Journal', you might be old enough to remember the novel about global warming. Yeah, really.)
That's called predicting the future.
Hey, if I could do that, I would know what was coming for lunch, right?
I have no idea.

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