Sunday, December 23, 2012

'News' media? News media bias!

The trouble with the so-called 'News' media in this country is that they can't handle anything that is actually new.
I mean, they know about the Loch Ness Monster, right? But if you told them that a giant reptile had been found in, say, Hillingdon Reservoir, they'd be lost for words. They wouldn't know how to react. Look what happened several years ago when there was an eathquake in Stoke-on-Trent. They knew about earthquakes in Chile; in Aberbizhan; in Iran. But Stoke? They didn't know how to handle it. Was it a joke?
They simply have very few categories. The Olympics? It's 'sport'. Last summer, I wrote a novel about the Olympics, BEFORE it happened. That wasn't 'news'. It wasn't 'sport'. Was it 'art'? Was it 'literature'? Better play safe, and not mention it at all.
This autumn I wrote a novel about David Cameron being kidnapped in Salford. It featured David Cameron's younger brother. He's got a brother?? The media couldn't handle it. Better not to mention it at all.
I blame cynicism. The problem is that most journalists learn at Journalism College to adopt an attitude of 'seen it all, been there, done that'. When you hit them with something that is actually 'new', then, it punctures their carefully constructed veneer. How can they be cynical about something they've never seen before? How can they say 'Seen it', when they haven't? How can they admit, 'Actually, that's a bit different'.
Better to play safe. Pretend you know what it is. And dismiss it.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kidnapping Cameron (for Christmas) - MikeScantlebury website -

Kidnapping Cameron (for Christmas) - MikeScantlebury website -
It's a sad story. Firstly, November was 'National Novel Writing Month' and the challenge was to write a brand-new, 50k words of story within the 30 days of November. Done that. Secondly, it's a tale of kidnap, derring do, rescue and recuperation, all set within the confines of Salford University. Who would have believed that. Thirdly, the brother. Does David Cameron really have a brother??