Friday, December 08, 2006

Who am I today?

Is it just me?

This afternoon I've been sitting in front of this darn computer for - how long?
Oh, several hours.

'Working hard', you say?
No, trying to log in.

It's simple enough.
I've got a little note in my little notebook here. It says that if I want to get started in Blogger, then all I have to do is log in with my Blogger ID and password.
Problem is, that it's not what I've got written down here, apparently.
I type it in and the machine says 'wrong'.

Then it says 'Try using your Google account email and password'.
Easy, that's the same.
No, it's not, says the machine.

Yeah, OK, OK, but all I want to do is get some ads on this page.
Can I join up with Adsense, please?
Sure, it says, but you'll have to open an Adsense account and you'll need an email and password.
Well, I've got that, I say.
Here it is.

No, it's not, says Adsense.
That's the email and password of a person who tried to sign up 3 weeks ago but never finished the process.
Yeah, I know, I say.
That's me.
I tried to finish the process, honest, but you said you'd send me an email and I didn't see it.
So I tried to sign in and you said 'Process not completed. See the message we sent you in our last email.'
Hmm, I'm thinking. I didn't get that.
'Follow the instructions we gave you in the email', it says.
But I didn't get it.
I didn't get the instructions.
How do I know what to do?
Shall I sign in again? But then, I'll be the guy who didn't finish -

Aw, heck.
You mean, I need to have 3 emails and 3 passwords and I need to note them all down in my little notebook, so that I can know who I am today - depending on what I want and who I want to talk to?
Do you do that?
Is that what we're all doing, out there in cyberland?

Or is it just me?