Monday, June 04, 2007

May-er (or June-er)

It's the beginning of June and the Mayor has come to visit our little street.
(Shouldn't that be June-er?)
Well, there's nobody dancing round the Maypole any more in Ordsall, or even dressing the wells like they used to. (Apparently Well Dressing is still a tradition that's alive and well in Derbyshire, not too far away.) It could be about akin to Morris Dancing, which seems to have faded out when Break Dancing hit the streets, (literally).
The Mayor is impressed with our little gathering, and had something complementary to say about our liitle business, Salford LIDS (see their web site at
Meanwhile the sun is shining, the leaves are rustling, and only the cries of children and the yapping of dogs disturbs the idyllic scene.
What does that look like?
I'll try to insert a photo below.