Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year's Revolting

Lost, again.

Hey, I never said this was 1978, not really -
but I woke up this morning and someone is shouting at me (on the radio) that it's 2007.
How did that happen?

Weren't we meant to have 2001 first?
You know, the trip to Jupiter and finding the big, black concrete thing?

Weren't we meant to have 1984, you know when Big Brother took over.
That hasn't happened yet, has it?

Weren't we meant to have the New Millenium?
(Something about jam for all, and a chicken in every pot.)

If I look confused, don't be fooled.
I am confused.

Meanwhile I've developed a New Year's Resolution.
In this wonderful New Year, I've decided that I definitely won't confuse 'resolution' with 'revolution' ever again.