Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tripe Pickers Journal

Remember me when I'm gone

One thing you can say for sure, is that there's a lot of Scantleburies out there on the internet.
One of the most famous is Uncle Larry.
Only problem is that he's passed on.
Why, oh why, do you have to kick it before they notice you're there?

Apparently, according to bloggers, Larry Scantlebury was being chased for file sharing.
Hmm, bad crime.
Somewhere between bank robbing and parking on a yellow line.

Now all I have to worry about is if anyone notices my misdemeanours.
I mean, I'm sure I used a double negative in 1978.
I might even have thought a tautology last year.
And don't get me started about split infinitives -

But this is getting me worried.
Someone said that Elvis is selling more records today than he did in the early '70s.
People call it a 'good career move'.
Do you think - no.
It's not possible that Uncle Larry might have snuffed it for commercial reasons.
That's just selfish.

Well, keep an eye on my web site, fellahs.
If I get run over tomorrow, sales will blossom.

Pass the hemlock.

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