Monday, October 16, 2006

How to have a Happy Monday

Monday - again?
There's one thing for sure, someone has arranged these things so that Monday come around pretty regularly, why, maybe even once a week.
What's going on?
Is this a sort of conspiracy?
Who's in charge?
Whoever, it is, they've managed things pretty well this year, at least as far as days are concerned.
Talking of managers, isn't it strange how everybody seems to yearn to be in charge of at least one other person?
Now, me, I'm self-employed, so, strictly speaking, my only employee is myself.
Don't thing that makes life easy!
He's one heck of a bad worker. Always arriving late, no Dress Code, cheeky, takes long lunch breaks.
I can't seem to get a decent day's work out of him.
Hmm, I think I might have to take my employee to an Employment Tribunal, for a bit of Disciplinary Procedure.
Ooh, er.

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