Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Parking and Clamping

Living across the river in Salford has many advantages.
In fact, I very rarely visit Manchester.
Now I know why.

This lunchtime, Friday, I was persuaded by a friend to go shopping in Rusholme.
We parked behind the halal supermarket and prepared to go in.
Since it was a nice sunny day, we decided instead to walk along Wilmslow Road first and find a place to eat.
We relaxed, and worked on our shopping list over lunch.
We came back to start shopping, and got a shock.
Someone had clamped our car.

Stranger still, no one would admit to doing it!

The supermarket said it wasn't them.
The security company, who eventually arrived and charged us £85 for the privilege of driving away, said it wasn't their fault either.
They blamed the supermarket.
Both said we had been warned.
They said that what we had taken to be a car park was actually a 'clamping zone' and pointed to signs on the far wall, (not visible behind parked white vans).

So, we had to decline the chance to shop in Rusholme and went on instead to the Lidl in Salford, where parking is free.
Come off it, Rusholme!
You want people to use your restaurants, but parking is limited, and the supermarket penalises people who want to both shop and eat.
Our experience?
Rusholme is quick to take money off you, either for food or parking fines, it doesn't matter which.
Now that is not what I would call people-friendly.

Sorry Manchester. It's closer to home for us in future!

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