Monday, August 28, 2006

Tripe Pickers Journal

How to disprove existence

Yes, Monday again.
This is odd.
I've wasted the whole of the last week trying to get into my blog account, and they kept turfing me out.
Just to add insult to injury, they said, 'Email does not exist'.
Hey, who you saying doesn't exist, pal?
I live in Salford. We take a dim view of dismissing existence.
It's a challenge to our masculinisation, not to mention our tripe throwing acumen.
I could get really shirty, if I was wearing one.
Meanwhile, it's been a busy week out in the fields.
It's tripe planting season, as you probably know, and it's been a real rush to get the seeds in before stag rutting starts.
Oh, to live in a gingerbread house, without worries.
What are the chances?

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